For Kate

Everyone must know who Kate Middleton is by now.  Right?

How about Etsy?  Do you know what Etsy is?

Etsy is the perfect place to window shop.

It is an easy-to-navigate labryrinth of shops owned by individual, autonomous artists or vintage collectors on the internet (or as an elderly friend still calls it with emphasis “THE WORLD WIDE WEB”).  I can easily get lost as I walk down an alley, turn left and wander into a store and then out the back door and onto an even smaller street, and on and on.  But I’m not really lost: I’m sitting on my couch in my pajamas drinking a cup of coffee, half-heartedly watching the Today show on NBC, and wondering with the rest of the world, “which designer will Kate Middleton choose to design her wedding gown?”

I easily hop from one boutique to another: one shop sells quirky handmade necklaces and that shop’s owner likes another vendor who is selling her own original Project Runway designs, so I stop at that shop for a visit when I notice that this shop favors another shop that sells vintage buttons. At the vintage button shop, I am directed to visit a vintage eyeglass store and after stopping at the vintage eyeglass shop, I head over to peruse a gallery of work by a painter who paints only underwater scenes of people swimming in the ocean.  It’s like going to a craft show but without the pressure of having to look into the hopeful eyes of a vendor as you approach their display and then their disappointment when you turn away without buying anything.

And the best part about buying at Etsy is that you are supporting a genuine artist or small business owner who is trying to make a living outside the mainstream.  You know that each item that you buy was lovingly made, selected and packaged and sent to you by a real, live person.

Kate Middleton – I have an idea – why not shop on Etsy for your wedding gown?

Here is some wedding-inspired shopping.  Stop in for a visit and get lost!

Instead of a veil…  Hmmm…. lemon yellow   Elegant earrings  Something blue

Vintage clutch  Faux fur shrug  Pearl tear drops  Twig twin rings


About buyoriginalart

I am an painter living outside of Philadelphia. I founded the artist's cooperative, MamaCita, A Mother's Cooperative in the Arts. My mission in this blog is to raise public awareness about the relevance of buying original art (as opposed to cheap reproductions.)
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  1. Mary Nasser says:

    Great post!
    I love it!

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